Avoid Oxybenzone in Sunscreens

It's important to note that findings have shown that the Oxbyenzone in sunscreens used on our children (and ourselves) is a toxic chemical that gets into our bloodstream and causes harm to our bodies. In fact a recent study that has been backed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that Oxybenzone in sunscreens is linked to health complications including allergies, cell damage and hormone disruptions.

According to the study by Environmental Working Group (EWG) Oxybenzone in sunscreens, which absorbs through the skin in significant amounts and accumulates in the fatty tissues of our bodies for days after it's been applied, has a negative impact on our bodies. Small children are even more sensitive to the negative impact of Oxybenzone in sunscreens.

Make Money OnlineFree Documents Search Engine Although Oxybenzone is an ingredient in many popular brands of sunscreen (even sunscreen designed for children's sensitive skin contain Oxybenzone), but if you read the labels you can find Oxybenzone free sunscreens.

Children definitely need to be protected from the damaging rays of the sun, but protection is possible without having to expose our children to Oxybenzone in sunscreens. An affective way to protect your child's skin is to dress them in lightweight clothing that covers their arms and legs. Large brimmed hats also provide adequate protection from the sun, and allow you to avoid any Oxybenzone in sunscreens.

And when sunscreen is necessary, get in the habit of reading ingredient labels. And while you're avoiding Oxybenzone in sunscreens, be aware that Oxybenzone is an ingredient found in other products too such as moisturizers and lip balm.

In order to completely protect our children, we not only have to protect them from the sun, we also have to protect them from the harmful affects of Oxybenzone in sunscreens.