Bad dog dental care can lead to cardiovascular diseases in your pet

Everyone knows that a good dog can be very smelly. But you can smell the spirit, a sense of guilt, even though you never Brushed his teeth!

Dog breathing is your pet a good reason why it is important to dental dog, but recent research indicates that there may be more important than the decisive reasons for the life of your pet.

Dr. Larry Glickman, Purdue University record of nearly $ 120,000 for dogs (a) study. Half of the periodontal disease in dogs and the other half not. Research has shown that both the heart and the relationship between dog diseases.

This is particularly true of the heart (Endocarditis) reaches the inflammation. In fact, he had the disease, only 0.01% of dogs without disease Endocarditis was rubber, but dogs 26.15% of the level 3 with periodontal Endocarditis.

Good dog dental care plan is obviously important to the health and well-being of your pet.

But what makes a good dog dental care?

The program basically cleaning Dog teeth is good electrical appliances. Should start at home and you can buy toothpaste brush dog teeth cleaning developed dog toothbrush. Tries to brush my teeth every day dogs. This will prevent the construction of tarter and prevent this disease and respiratory.

If the user already has a lot of dog in the translation, the veterinarian tarter convincing Bluetooth scaling. It is very similar to the cleaning, the dentist and may be zero, the teeth of dogs, tarter.

Must be part of a loose dog toys and include dental medicine programs. Some of the toys are a chewing Nylabones tarter to zero, while the user is a member of the dog is to pureskelutarpeen. other goodies to help the dog breath, in particular, provision should be made for dogs with Greenies dental health is not good.

In order to ensure that dental care is important to your dog. If you can rely on their own tarter bacteria of the teeth, which can cause diseases of the gums and verenkierrossa bacteria and cause health problems, other agencies, including your heart.