Before the anti Candida diet, what food to eat?

Some vegetables 1 vegetables to prevent infection: garlic, Onion, cabbage, broccoli, cabbage. Starch vegetables such as potatoes, avoid using at the moment.

2 protein. Much of the protein-containing food is an excellent choice. The system therefore include: beef, chicken, fish or eggs. It's improve your mind and brain work -!

Yogurt (3). Yogurt sour lactic acid cultures (life skills) with combat Candidiasis. It is open and everything that helps the body to fight against the imposition of restaurants.

4. oil. They are rich in proteins and prevents the development of fungi.

5. the bran.

6 of green algae. Spirulina and Clorela are the oldest organizations on Earth and very effective in the treatment of Candidiasis. Experts have concluded that these algae, intestinal microflora and immune to restore natural balance.

Candidiasis is the microscopic fungus called Candida albicans, caused by the disease. The infection is one of the most common form of female genital mutilation and men rarely leave for an extended period of time. This fungus is considered to be part of the intestinal micro-organisms, the role (Lactobacilus) and the life of the throat, mouth, immune system, gastrointestinal tract and vagina, but small quantities of the monitor.

If you can reduce the micro-organism (s) by destroying the antibiotics alone or immune to fungi are control and cause an infection called Candidiasis.

Risk factors that could encourage the use of oral contraceptives containing: Candidiasis, steroids, nutrition, pregnancy and diabetes often receive antibiotic drugs for ulcer in the stomach, high sugar.

Statistics to find 3-4 women, vaginal sammas at least once in life. Many women complain that he has escaped the disease years after treatment. The reasons are many and not enough to deal with the disease, but also to clarify the reasons for and the repetition of birth. Is your doctor gynecologist to identify the factors that the test is necessary.